Thursday, November 8, 2012

Porsche Crash Kills Ashley Murray

      According to BBC News, 27 year old Ashley Murray was recently killed when he drove his Porsche Boxster while intoxicated. According to reports his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, he was the only one in the car when his Boxster struck a tree in July. 
      His death is seen as tragic and ironic due to his past. When Ashley was 15 he was brutally stabbed by two classmates and friends after they all watched Scream. They took him into the nature reserve on the school campus and stabbed him 18 times with a knife and screwdriver, then left him for dead wrapped in a garbage bag. He was found 40 hours later by a morning walker. He recovered after nine months of hospitalization and remained paralyzed on one side. 

      It is interesting that since he fought so hard to recover from the attack that he would almost recklessly drink until intoxicated and proceed to drive. According to the article he struck another vehicle and then struck a tree. His death is a sad one, and brings up alcohol awareness and safe driving. 


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