Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Porsche in Old School

      I'm all for watching movies on the weekends. It's a time when I actually have time to sit and enjoy a whole film, and one that always seems to be on is Old School. Now I'm no stranger to this film, and I find it rather funny; but one thing's for sure, I always fall asleep before the end. This past weekend was no different. Of course I fell asleep before the KY wrestling scene, but luckily this time I woke up again before the testing scenes (I usually miss them). I got to watch the end finally, and there was a pleasant surprise there, a Porsche. 

      At the end of the film the villainous Dean is fishing in a shallow stream and this  1978 Porsche 911 SC comes flying down the road, off the bridge, and lands right on the Dean. While the Dean's character could have been worse, it was a nice end to the film. Seeing the Fraternity moving into the Dean's old house was really icing on the cake. 
      I was glad to see this Porsche in the film, even if it was at the end. It's always a pick me up when I see these cars and I'm always excited to report them to our readers. This car looks pretty good, and it's a shame they crashed it. The dramatic effect was very old school, but I'd save the Porsche and crash another car.

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