Monday, November 19, 2012

Porsche on

      Everyone knows that we've got an abundance of slang in our current verbiage  So it's no surprise to see that we have a dictionary everyone can participate in. is a source of knowledge as well as entertainment. For kicks I looked up Porsche and skimmed the results. 
      The first few definitions are pretty standard, explaining that Porsche is a brand of sports car created by Ferdinand Porsche. Some even go into detail to talk about perfection and how Porsche is engineered as such. And then the humorous ones come in. 
      Here's the first funny one I saw, it came in at 6 on the list:
I personally like this one because there's passion in it. It has "total kiss ass power" and "will be one of the greatest cars ever". This is funny, but it's not very educational about the Porsche brand. 

      This is one of my favorite ones:
This one is great because it's how others feel about the car as well. I think what really makes this one is how he gets the 45 year old Johnny to say he needs a penis extension without saying the words. 

      A close second to the penis extension was this one:
Of course, the midlife crisis. We all knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. I love how they compare the rear spoiler to a dining room table, and even spell dining wrong. It is pretty clever with his receding hairline crack. is a pretty useful site for slang, but I'd stick to Google if you'd really like to hear about Porsche. If you want to hear Porsche jokes, by all means, go to UrbanDictionary.

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