Thursday, January 17, 2013

Selena Gomez Needs a Porsche

      Selena Gomez was seen getting into her Ford Escape recently, and last time I checked she isn't a soccer mom, so what's up with this? Selena is a star, a celebrity, and she definitely needs a ride that reflects this. Unless she was borrowing her Mom's Ford to go get some milk on a quick errand, she needs a ride that reflects her stardom, her fame, and the fact that every teenage girl and boy knows her name. As CelebrityCarsBlog mentioned, the purse pictured above probably cost more than the car. Selena needs a Porsche, something that fits her personality and actually indicates we're dealing with a celeb, not just some teen in Mom and Dad's ride. I mean really, if I saw her just go into a store, I don't know that I'd notice her, but if then I saw her drive away in a Porsche I'd know she was someone important and I stupidly missed out on an opportunity. C'mon Porsche community, let's get Selena into a Porsche, and fast. 


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