Saturday, March 23, 2013

Porsche Cayenne in Modern Family

      Modern Family is quite the hit comedy show. At just a half an hour in length it's a great little comedy discussing modern family structures including blended families and gay parenting. I didn't jump on the Modern Family right away, but waited for a couple seasons. Now I'm catching up via Netflix which makes for a great Saturday night. I have to borrow the discs, which is a bit of a drag because it stops my momentum in the marathon. I get through a disc and am laughing really hard, wanting the next disc. But by the time I get the next one, it takes me as long as a few weeks sometimes to sit down and watch it, whereas if I could live stream it I would be caught up by now. 
      So I was plowing through season one, and was in the middle of a move so of course I missed the Porsche sighting. I was sitting through the first and second discs in my empty new house, using whatever pillows and blankets had made it over already as a makeshift couch, and since we didn't have cable yet I only had the Modern Family discs to entertain me. 
      It's great to see a Porsche in a show like this. It was just a background vehicle, but it would be nice to see a character drive it around one time. I don't remember the specifics of the episode, and the characters don't seem wealthy enough to splurge on a Porsche but it's quite the sighting anyways. A Porsche doesn't fit the theme and feel of the show, this is clearly an SUV and mini van show, but a sighting none the less, and I'll be on the look out for more while I continue my marathon into season three. 


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