Sunday, March 24, 2013

Porsche in Mob Doctor

      Remember when FOX finished with House M.D. and tried to pull one on us by introducing Mob Doctor? It was like they knew they made a mistake with ending House and wanted to keep their medical drama crowd happy so they tried a female version and involved the mob. We weren't happy, at least I wasn't and basically just laughed at the promo when I saw it. I don't think the show lasted very long, surprise surprise, and yet they happened to have a Porsche in an episode. 
      Now I'm not surprised they pulled for a Porsche because let's face it, if we were into mob related affairs the cash flow would certainly provide us with a bank account large enough to buy a Porsche. And the Cayenne definitely has the trunk space for all the mob's dirty deeds. The cayenne is a classic black, which again doesn't surprise me because mob vehicles are usually dark and indistinguishable from other cars, that's kinda the point. 
      Am I going to watch Mob Doctor now that I know there's a Porsche? No. I think the show is off the air already anyways, and even a good looking Cayenne won't draw me in because I know that they don't drive it and that it's just a prop in the driveway which makes the episode even more boring. They could have at least had a chase scene to keep my interest for more than a few minutes. Nice try. 


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