Monday, March 25, 2013

The New Normal Uses a Porsche Cayenne

      The New Normal is a show I did happen to watch from the beginning, and that was merely because it was on before Parenthood and sounded something like Modern Family. I know many fans were upset because it seemed like they were copying Modern Family but after being a fan of and watching both shows I can say they are similar but not the same. The New Normal is packed with laughs, which Modern Family isn't short on either, but the humor is different, more abrasive and off the cuff. 
      I am ashamed to say that I am behind in The New Normal because Parenthood cut their season early and I moved on to other shows. It is sitting on my DVR begging to be marathoned, which it will be, once I catch up with the whole series of Homeland. Despite my lack of watching it was interesting to find out that there was a Porsche used in an episode. As you can see above it was parked out front during a birthday party or something, and of course I missed it because I am using looking for the whole car. The Porsche is fitting because they are an LA family and one is a doctor, so I'm assuming he has wealthy doctor friends that could drive a Porsche. The Cayenne could very well be a family vehicle, it does have four doors and a spacious trunk space so why not? Who says a family has to own a mini van? My parents never did, we always drove SUVs or cars and got on perfectly fine with sporting events and practices. If I were to join the ranks of the parenting kind I'd sure want a Porsche to drive around in, who wouldn't?
      I can't remember this episode specifically and can only assume what went on was some sort of party, given the balloons in the background. I'm sure it was a good episode, and who knows I may not have even seen it yet since it's still in the first season and I'm at least three episodes behind. I'll have to catch up and check out the car. Maybe there will be a reference, which is always brownie points in my book. 


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