Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Porsche Photo of the Week: Week 13

      This is a great shot of a Porsche in a garage, which looks to be similar to that of a restoration shop. I've been to a restoration shop and they have some odd walls that emulate the man cave all while storing cars in various stages of restoration. The car is beautiful but check out the rest of the space as well. It clearly looks like the workers mostly live  here. See the cooler on top of the shelf behind the car? That's what I like about these shops is that there's a homey feel to it too. They showcase their work, and their love of Porsche all while working to make another look better than new. 
      The car is great. I am actually liking the red on the front end, which I'm not normally a fan of. I love how clean and bright the silver is, and how it makes everything pop throughout the car. The 67 is classic and I am growing to love the Porsche logo on the bottom of the door. The racing stickers are an added bonus, including the pegasus near the front wheel. I like how the photo has depth and makes me feel like I'm approaching the car. The headlights are clear and ready for action and I just want to check out every inch to this beauty.
      With the shop and the car looking so inviting I can't help but wonder where it is and if I can stop by sometime. When I went to an open house with Ray it was great, them showcasing their work and us milling around in awe. They really do make you feel like family even if you're there just to take photos of their work. 


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