Sunday, April 14, 2013

Porsche 911 in American Psycho

      Remember American Psycho? How could you forget it? Christian Bale with an axe, wearing a clear plastic raincoat, killing people to pop music, it sounds like a great film. I watched it when I was younger, probably younger than I should have been to see a film like this. I didn't know who Christian Bale was, all I knew was that he killed people and liked Phil Collins. Somehow I enjoyed the film, and I really should see it again because it's been far too long. There were entire plot lines I'm sure I missed. The things I remember are the killings, and the business card battles. Another thing I missed was the Porsche. 
      Look at it above. I'm stretching here since I don't even know whose Porsche it is, but I can see how it represents Bale's character. It's beautiful much like he is in his business suit only showing one side of himself. The headlights are basically the only visible part of the car, it's shadowed and dark hiding itself well. Bale hides his killer side until it's time to kill. He gets ready all the while talking to his victims about the music playing on his stereo. Then he goes in and bam, it's done. Blood splattering everywhere and the pop music still plays. The Porsche is wonderful. I like that we can only see the headlights and the driver seat. It says a lot about Bale's character constantly being in control. 


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