Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche Carrera RS

      First off, I know this is the Porsche from the latest season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and I plan to discuss that episode in detail...later. I haven't watched it and know I should have, but I like to save up a few of these short gems and watch them in sequence over my weekend plate of eggs, so bear with me. 
      When it comes to Comedians in Cars Seinfeld usually borrows the cars. I don't know if this is his but given the quote on CelebrityCarsBlog (probably straight from the episode) it sounds like it's his. "I bought it from a dead guy, and it's not getting sold again until I'm dead. This car doesn't change hands without someone dying." That's his quote, and it says a lot about the car. As for the car itself, from what I can see in the photo, it's awesome. I'm growing into loving the Carrera's with the logo strip on the door, and along with the color accent it provides I'm loving it. The duck tail is also something I'm growing into, which means that this car is a beauty and I'm slowing falling in love. It's great to see another Porsche grace the series, and I'll give more details after I've seen it. For now, know that the Porsche exists, and it's in an episode. Check out the series on or on Crackle. 


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