Sunday, July 7, 2013

Porsche Cayenne in Real Housewives of New Jersey

      I saw Real Housewives of New Jersey in passing the other day. I don't usually watch it, for I cannot keep the Italians separate (and I can say that because I'm Italian) nor do I care for their swearing and backstabbing (this is not an Italian trait per say, but a family trait in the show). But I stopped to watch for a few seconds and there was a Porsche. The Porsche was seen only after we heard the man in the car swearing up a storm. He was throwing F bombs and the lot, and since I hadn't been watching I have no clue what his problem was. But the Porsche was sweet and they made an effort to show us that it was in fact a Porsche. 
      Now I love that the car was shown in the episode, and that the family owns one, but I was completely turned off by his language because now all I can do is pair the two together. Porsches already have a bad reputation as being for "rich people only" and the traits that come with rich people, but we don't really need the car to be associated with swearing asses who make money on reality tv. The car is beautiful, his actions were not. I don't watch the show, nor am I outraged or looking to cause a scene, I'm merely sad for Porsche owners and fans because those that do watch the show might get the wrong idea. But then again it usually is that one guy who ruins it for everyone. 

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