Friday, July 5, 2013

Porsche Close-ups: Week 4

      I know it's rare that I choose racing Porsches when I discuss any vehicle. The facts are that I don't watch very many racing films, or footage, and so most of the cars that catch my eye are commercial over racing. But this week's close-up was chosen because of the racing car. The setting for one is magnificent. It looks like it's straight from a photo shoot and I actually do enjoy this because it doesn't detract from the car itself. By using a straight black background the car pops in so many ways. I really like the look here and the lighting is nice giving the car depth and some shadows. 
      Of course the biggest piece of the car is the color. The blues with the orange and white of the Gulf logo really make this car stand out. I've seen cars in these colors for a long time now but this one really caught my eye. I like how clean the silhouette is and how the wheels aren't visible giving the car the appearance of floating. The lighting makes the colors pop and draws me in. It's also very interesting that we can see the structure of the car, as we are looking down the nose. The way this car rises in the back makes it look even more interesting than shots of commercial cars. I like the orange racing stripe accent, it draws the eye across and up the car, as if we needed an excuse to check out the whole thing. 
      Sure this shot could be closer, we could be looking at the headlight or the logo, but I like that we can only see the front half of it. It adds mystery but gives us a semi-complete view, leaving us to feel like we got to see the rest even though it's missing from the shot. We know what is it and where it belongs, and this shot would make any man cave complete. 

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