Thursday, August 22, 2013

Janis Joplin's Porsche in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

      We've discussed Janis Joplin's colorful Porsche a couple times here at Pfanaticle. I've shared the story of her dog protecting the car from being stolen, and even saw a cameo of it in Across the Universe. I didn't know that the car was on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, however. It seems a bit unclear on the site, but there is a chance that if you were to visit said museum you might just see her car there. The car is part of the Joplin collection, all of which belong to the Joplin family. The collection includes an article of clothing and some trinkets, one of which is undipped acid blotter paper. The car seems to be the best out of the collection, but is also the biggest which might mean it's not on display permanently, and may instead be on rotation. It's a great find, so if you're headed there anyway let us know what you see. 

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