Monday, August 12, 2013

Porsche in National Lampoon's The Great American Run

      The National Lampoon films are great entertainment. They're funny, fun for the whole family, and always full of laughs. I just saw the original vacation the other day and it sucked me in just like it always does. I haven't seen National Lampoons The Great American Run, but the Porsche above might change my mind. 
      This Porsche Carrera GT plays a large role in the film. It seems like the great American run is a road race of sorts, given the car with the color and the number. The vehicle is great and since it's a Porsche that's seen multiple times, in action, throughout the film, I'd say it's a real winner. I hadn't heard of this film before today, but I bet I'll be checking Netflix really soon to see if they have it on Instant video. This could be really entertaining, a good Sunday movie to relax and hang out with. 


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