Sunday, August 25, 2013

Porsche Mention in Novel Still Life With Brass Pole

      Occasionally I like to read non-fiction. This novel caught my eye because of the title, and because of the price. Still Life with Brass Pole by Craig Machen is a real life memoir about an adopted kid who tries to find his place in life. His parents seem to abandon him from time to time and there's even a little parental abuse. Craig finishes high school, after knocking up his girlfriend, and begins working at a strip club (hence the title). 
      The thing that caught me from the very beginning was the mention of a Porsche. Craig is about 16 and has been riding with his father's partner in a Porsche. They have done drugs, drank alcohol, and are headed to a strip club. The Porsche is mentioned twice, but there isn't much detail given. It's nice to know that he's in a Porsche, but other than that so far the car hasn't made a third or much more memorable appearance. 
      The book itself is lacking a little direction, but so is his life at this point. I'll keep reading and will let you know if he mentions the Porsche again. Crazy things are bound to happen, so let's hope he does it in style. 

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