Friday, September 13, 2013

Porsche of the Week

      This Porsche of the week really stood out to me. First of course is the color. The red is demanding attention and is definitely getting it. The shade is something that looks custom, not the classic red that some Porsches come in. I definitely like the saturation in this photo, how deep the red feels and looks. 
      The other aspect I really liked about this photo is that it's super urban. Most photos I see in the city are to get shots of the building as well as the car, but this one is like a professional twist on any parking lot shot we've all taken. It could just be touched up via Photoshop or the like and set free on the Internet. 
      With the car as the main focus we tend to forget about the rest of the shot, but I think it really makes it here. The darker colors of the building make the car pop and it makes me feel like I could have taken this picture, if only I had happened across the car in my outings. 


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