Friday, October 4, 2013

Porsche of the Week

      This photo has to have a story behind it, and since I don't know that story I've taken to making one up. I won't bore you with the details but I can see this line up being something like characters in a children's animated film about Porsches. Each car has some personality, like maybe they were all a set of quints or something, each with it's own style, but all part of a family. The cars could each belong to a different type of guy, who all became friends because of their Porsche club. Maybe they got together to do a ride on a great weekend, and found this spot to stop because of the view. Someone snapped this picture because it looked great, and it happened to be the only one from that weekend. 
      I am a big fan of this photo because of the cars for one. They look great in the light and I want to get to know each of them, on top of the reason why this shot was taken, where, and who was involved. It seems staged but also could have happened that way, and I like the organic feel of the photograph. The yellow car on the end really pops, and draws my gaze from the yellow to the red to the white, looking through the whole line up. It also has a great vintage feel while also feeling modern, thank you Instagram. 


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