Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Porsche and Celebrity Deaths

      I found this on Tumblr this morning as I was doing my usual Pfanatic duties. This group of images came with the caption, "I'm beginning to hate this car". While most of us Pfanatics are diehard Porsche fans, it is easy to see how the media often paints the sports car, and Porsche in a bad light. The images depict each celebrity and the Porsche crash that killed each one of them. Paul Walker is the most recent, but a few years ago Ryan Dunn was killed, and even further in the past James Dean was killed. 
       We all know that Porsches are fast cars, and usually are driven by people who like to drive fast and let the car do what it's designed to, go fast and steer tight. We all know that Porsches are great day to day cars, they can carry the family around, have space for groceries, and are quite popular among those that can afford them. But of course some people drive too fast, get into wrecks and hurt themselves, or worse end their own lives. Sure Paul Walker wasn't driving, but he still lost his life in a Porsche. 
      It's a shame that the media always points out that Porsche was the car when a wreck like this happens. In this case not all press is good press and while I enjoy seeing a Porsche in a television show, or at least mentioned in conversation, it's a shame they have to come up when someone dies, like it was the car's fault. Sure some accidents, crashes, and other mishaps are partially from the car like when something breaks or is faulty, but when it comes to sports cars, apparently it's always driving too fast and it's always a Porsche. While that could be true, many drivers like to drive fast and can crash as a result, it doesn't seem like that has to be the default answer every time a celeb dies in a sports car. In the end speed could have been a factor for the deaths of these three men, but I'm torn because Porsches are meant to go fast, but that doesn't mean that every situation allows for this speed, for something happened and people died. 


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