Saturday, December 21, 2013

Porsche at GoodWood

      This is a Porsche 911 at the GoodWood Festival. I chose to share it with all of you because they really captured the essence of Porsche in this frame. I really like the dust it kicked up in the middle of the shot, and how the Porsche is barely visible, just a round headlight and tire made it into the frame. I can feel the speed here and can only imagine how it paned out as the car past this viewing point. 
      It's not often that a still photo captures a Porsche beyond its looks. Sure there's racing photos that do justice but this one feels different. It also seems like it could have been anyone of us just out for a ride. We find a back road and open the car up, trees passing by in a blur, and only a roaring dust cloud trailing behind to show that we were there, and left quickly. The car looks great, but the shot is really the winner here. 


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